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1.   Hieronymus, Sophronius Eusebius: De viris illustribus. Daran: Gennadius Massiliensis: De scriptoribus ecclesiasticis
[Augsburg: Günther Zainer, vor 1473]. 2o.
Goff H-192. H 8589* (I, f.1-37). C 2957. Polain (B) 4437 (I). Pell Ms 6000 (5986). BN-Inc H-118. Aquilon 367. IDL 2290. IGI 4196. IBP 2801 (I). IJL 159. Sajó-Soltész 1688. Nentwig 215. Voulliéme (B) 31 (I). Hubay (Augsburg) 1046 (I). Borm 1347. Walsh 503. Sheppard 1130. Pr 1563. BMC II 318. BSB-Ink H-239 - Often found with Goff A1089, A1225, A1333 (incl. A1337), E106, G221, H179, I4 und P1001, in any combination. Some Exemplare of the set (e. g. Windsor RL) have a separate small leaf with a collective title of the ten tracts (see BMC, reprint). The collection has this edition with rubricator's date of "72" in a private collection in USA (Roland Folter); previously datiert vor 5 June 1473 from the rubrication date ("1473 vigil pentec") of the Sammelband in Munich

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